Welcome to the home page of our Foundations in Biomedical Science Program at BCOM! 

Do you need to hone your competitive edge for medical school? This is a rigorous 10 month program of graduate study, unlike any other in the nation.  Our curriculum is designed to assist those seeking to become competitive medical school applicants, particularly those interested in serving the diverse populations of the southwest.  Students who successfully complete the program and meet specified standards have the opportunity to directly matriculate into BCOM without a gap year.

To learn more about our program, please take a moment to read through the information that follows and download our pdf brochure. If you have any questions or would simply like to speak with us regarding the program, don’t hesitate to email or call.

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Nancy Minugh-Purvis, PhD
Chair, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Assistant Dean of Graduate Education


BCOM’s Foundations in Biomedical Science Program is a new graduate curriculum taught by BCOM medical school faculty and designed specifically to assist students in strengthening their credentials as medical school applicants. The program includes intensive MCAT preparation for those who need to take or re-take the MCAT examination as well as extensive advisement to guide students through the medical school application process.


Our program may be the right choice for you if:

  • your undergraduate GPA is not competitive for application to medical school and you wish to demonstrate your ability to succeed in a challenging graduate curriculum at a level comparable to the rigor found in medical school
  • your have taken only the minimum undergraduate pre-medical pre-requisites and wish to enrich your background to further enhance your medical school application by completing additional biomedical coursework
  • you received your undergraduate degree more than two years ago, and wish to take current graduate coursework in the biomedical sciences
  • your MCAT scores are outdated or not sufficiently competitive, or you have not yet taken the MCAT and seek preparatory instruction prior to taking the exam
  • you would benefit from intensive advisement and guidance during the medical school application process


Students take 18 credit hours of graduate coursework in each of two semesters for a total of 32 credits. The program runs for 10 months, from August through May.  All for-credit courses are taught by BCOM faculty.  Enrollment is on a full-time basis only.

Courses are scheduled as follows:

Human Life History I /Historia de la vida humana I (1 cr hr) Historia de la vida humana II/Human Life History II (1 cr hr)
Function of Human Systems I (7 cr hrs) Function of Human Systems II (5 cr hrs)
Structure of the Human Body I (9 cr hrs) Structure of the Human Body II (6 cr hrs)
Medical Ethics & Professionalism I (1 cr hr) Biological Basis of Human Behavior (5 cr hrs)
Medical Ethics & Professionalism II (1 cr hr)
MCAT Prep * (0 cr hr)


MCAT preparation is provided for those students who have never taken the MCAT or who need to improve upon previous MCAT scores. Instruction is provided in a face-to-face format by BCOM faculty and additional resources are provided via a nationally recognized MCAT preparatory educator.

*Elements of MCAT preparatory instruction may be presented through external sources.  This course is optional, and not required for students who enter the 2016 – ’17 post-baccalaureate class with a MCAT2015 score > 500 with no individual section < 124 on an MCAT taken after August 2015.


All program students are assigned an advisor who is a BCOM medical school faculty member. Through regularly scheduled, periodic meetings advisors gain familiarity with students and assist them with the medical school application process by providing letters of evaluation to programs of the student’s choice as well as offering academic guidance as the year progresses.


Participants who complete the program with: a favorable professionalism evaluation in the program; an overall “B+” average (87% or better), with no individual course grade below “B” (80%); a composite MCAT2015 score > 500 with no individual section < 124; and who meet the technical standards of the DO program, are guaranteed matriculation into BCOM for the following academic year.  All students who complete the first semester in good standing (no individual grade below a “C” or 70%), will be invited to interview at BCOM.

To qualify for a guaranteed acceptance or interview, students must have filed an AACOMAS application*; have completed a BCOM supplemental application and all other required materials for the current application cycle; and take the MCAT no later than April of the post-baccalaureate year.

*The AACOMAS application is waived for applicants who qualify for the Burrell Expedited Admission Review (BEAR) Pathway.  Information regarding the BEAR Pathway may be found athttp://postbac.bcomnm.org/burrell-expedited-admission-review-pathway/


Upon satisfactory completion (grade of C, or 70%, or better in all program courses) of the full Foundations in Biomedical Science Program, a student will be awarded a Certificate of Program Completion by the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Students needing official transcripts from the program may request these by contacting the Office of the Registrar at 575-674-2231.


1 December 2015 application cycle officially opens for 2016 – ’17 academic year
8 July 2016 application deadline for 2016 – ’17 postbacc program consideration
8 August 2016 new student orientation
15 August 2016 fall semester classes begin
1 October 2016 deadline for students applying to BCOM for fall 2017 start date to file AACOMAS application
1 October 2016 deadline for qualified BEAR Pathway participants to file application for fall 2017 start date
23 December 2016 fall semester ends
9 January 2017 spring semester begins
January 2017 program students in good standing are scheduled for BCOM DO program interview
April 2017 last month to take MCAT to maintain eligibility for guaranteed BCOM 2017- ‘18 acceptance
12 May 2017 spring semester ends


Applications are now being reviewed for the 2016 – ’17 academic year

The general application cycle opens in December and closes in July for August 2016 enrollment in the Foundations of Biomedical Science Program. Applicants are encouraged to apply early as admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis as soon as applications become complete.  To apply, students must submit the following:

  • $50 application fee
  • Completed application form
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended
  • 2 letters of recommendation from science professors
  • A letter from another professor
  • Character reference from a non-academic referee
  • Official MCAT or GRE test scores (DAT, PCAT or OAT may be substituted)
  • Graduates of non-English speaking colleges or universities must also submit a TOFEL score
  • A resumé or Curriculum Vitae

Complete instructions are included with the application form at the link below.



Tuition for the 2016 – 2017 academic year is $29,160 for both semesters of the program, plus a general fee of $2,050.00. This does not include the cost of living, health insurance, books, or computers.  Students accepted into the program will be required to provide proof of health insurance.  Computer specifications and textbook requirements will be sent to all matriculating students prior to the start of the program.


BCOM has a full-time financial aid officer who can direct you in finding help in planning and managing your program expenses during the post-baccalaureate year.  The Foundations in Biomedical Science Program at BCOM is a non-degree, non-credential-granting program, and as such is not Title IV eligible.   Please contact Ms. Marlene Melendez, Director of Financial Aid at mmelendez@bcomNM.org or at 575-674-2223 for further details concerning financial aid and planning.


Housing is available on the campus of New Mexico State University for students in the  Foundations of Biomedical Science Program who prefer the convenience of living close to BCOM. Abundant, highly affordable off-campus housing is available in the neighborhoods surrounding NMSU and elsewhere in Las Cruces.

For more information on housing, please see http://postbac.bcomnm.org/housing/



Las Cruces is a vibrant, growing city with a population of approximately 100,000, situated in the southern portion of the beautiful state of New Mexico.  For those traveling by automobile, Las Cruces lies at the junction of Interstates 25 and 10.  Air travel to the region is served by the El Paso International Airport, located some 40 miles southeast of Las Cruces via I-10.  For more information about the city and the region, please visit http://postbac.bcomnm.org/about-bcom/# on the bcom website.

For questions regarding the Foundations in Biomedical Science Program, contact us at: 

Phone:  575.764.2290  |   FAX: 575.674.2291  |  Email:  postbac@bcomNM.org


Office of Graduate Education
Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
Arrowhead Park Genesis Center
3655 Research Dr. Genesis Bldg C
Las Cruces, NM  88003

It is the policy of BCOM not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, familial status, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity or spousal affiliation in its programs, activities, hiring, or the admission of students.